שרה מרים בת ר׳ שרגא פייטיל הכהן ע״ה

Rebbetzin Sara Murik

Rebbetzin Sara Murik, known fondly to many as Morah Murik, was a woman with a larger than life persona. She was singlehandedly responsible for ensuring the unparalleled Chinuch of thousands upon thousands of Bnos Yisrael, many of whom have gone on to perpetuate the lessons she inculcated in them. It’s unfortunate that due to the dire circumstances Klal Yisroel now finds itself in, the students, friends, and even family of this true woman of valor, are unable to pay their last respects in the manner they would have liked and in the way that is deserving of such a Tzadeikes. If anyone has any stories, anecdotes, or simply words of Nechama that they’d like to share with the Aveilim, it would be a tremendous Chizzuk. 

May Mrs. Murik be a Meilitz Yosher for all of Klal Yisroel and may this terrible Mageifah be removed.

Please join in taking a Mesechta of Mishnayos in memory of Rebbetzin Sara Murik A”H.